Sparklit Web Polls

Feature Comparison Free Gold
General Features
Automatically close poll on date no yes
Visitors must vote before viewing results no yes
Mini-Results no yes
Pop Up Options All All
Custom Thank You Message displayed after voting yes yes
Voter Logs (Email and IP) no yes
Custom Pop-up Invitation yes yes
Number of answers Unlimited Unlimited
Can edit question and answers yes yes
Customization and Integration
Custom Poll Width yes yes
Custom Logo (Title Image) yes yes
Custom Results Background Image yes yes
Custom Results Background Color yes yes
Custom Results Width yes yes
Custom Results Border yes yes
Custom Poll Border yes yes
Custom Answers Style yes yes
Custom Question Style yes yes
Custom Heading Style yes yes
Custom Default Style yes yes
Custom User Comments Styles yes yes
Fully Custom Poll Container with no Sparklit ads no yes
Security Options
IP Blocking Yes Yes
Cookie Blocking Yes Yes
Captcha Blocking Yes Yes
Email Blocking / Verification no yes
Cryptographic Key Verification no yes
Referrer/Domain Blocking no yes
Customized IP Denial List yes yes
Response Frequency Controls no yes
Private Results Option no yes
Results Reporting
Answer sorting yes yes
Limit displayed answers yes yes
Replace poll with summary results after voting no yes
Graph Options
Horizontal Bar yes yes
Vertical Bar yes yes
Pie Graph yes yes
Custom Graph Colors Yes, each answer Yes, each answer
Custom Bar Graph Images Yes, each answer Yes, each answer
Custom Bar Graph Size Yes, each answer Yes, each answer
User Comments
Allow users to leave comments yes yes
Comments Below Results yes yes
Comment Sorting yes yes
Comment Threading yes yes
Poll archive page yes yes

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